GUS helps companies navigate the hype surrounding UAV technology and assists in the implementation of proven frameworks to realise the full potential of this transformative technology.  Using market leading artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques; as well as leveraging the unique advantages that UAVs afford, GUS provides true insights into projects, safely and efficiently. We allow you access to better data faster, enabling you to make better decisions and improve productivity.

Why GUs? Our Unique position:

GUS helps companies and community groups navigate the hype surrounding UAV technology and realise the full potential of this transformative technology.  GUS’s team of remote sensing specialists, earth, environmental and social scientists, and data analysts, has extensive local and international experience in the energy, mining and natural resources sectors, and therefore understand what it takes to transform raw data into knowledge, and use that knowledge to help organisations make better decisions and save costs.  

How are we different?

GUS uses drones and associated technologies to not only solve problems, improve operational efficiencies and safety, and save costs, we also work with our clients to build capacity so they can do the same. This is achieved through a business model that involves collaboration with local landowners, communities and enterprises to provide access to these technologies, as well as ongoing support.

Products and services

  • Surveying; baseline assessments; asset inspections; monitoring; and data management and amalgamation
  • Needs assessments in relation to data requirements and acquisition, including platform/sensor optimization and training
  • Training and community capacity building
  • Data processing, information extraction and interpretation
  • Data aggregation, indexing and archiving

“GUS worked with us to safely and efficiently collect data to support our impact assessment. Their work was game changing”
— Major Energy Project OE/HES Manager

What We've Achieved