GUS featured in “Mining Magazine”

GUS featured in two articles in the January/Febuary issue of “Mining Magazine”; titled “Who’s who: UAVs in mining” and “Aerial perspective”.

"Aerial Perspective" can be viewed in full here or on GUS's Linkedin Page.

The following is an extract relating to GUS from “Who’s who: UAVs in mining” which can be viewed in full here:

“Global Unmanned Systems (GUS) specialises in providing clients from primarily the resources industries with UAV services and applications. It works with its alliance partner, the Infrastructure Development Partnership, to provide solutions including upfront and backend consulting.

Robert Lednor, operations manager at Global Unmanned Systems, notes: “This approach has taken us to some of the biggest resources projects currently being developed in the world, including recently to Kazakhstan.”

The company uses a range of software, depending on the application. Lednor says: “We offer a solution that covers everything from pre-deployment consultancy, through acquisition, processing, data management, dissemination and analysis and interpretation. There is a lot of value-add that can be done with the data and we have partnered with some innovative companies that are able to help deliver additional benefit to clients.”

Recently, GUS conducted a survey over an active mine close to the end of its life to aid closure planning. The client required high vertical accuracy to generate contours over the 5km2 site. GUS utilised a fixed-wing UAV and a ground control network to achieve the desired coverage and accuracies, and delivered a DTM after vegetation filtering, with contours.

In the near future, GUS will participate in UAVs trials with a major resources company, exploring the various applications that UAVs offer across one of its project sites. Lednor explains: “These trials will involve both fixed-wing and multicopters and a range of payloads to investigate the savings in health and safety, cost and efficiency that can potentially be made with UAVs.”